UC Berkeley Professor Teaches Interns Tree Identification

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This week EarthTeam interns got a surprise visit from Dr. Joe McBride, former UC Berkeley Forest Ecology Professor and EarthTeam Board Member. Dr. Mcbride has been working behind the scenes with EarthTeam staff to bring the Urban Forestry program to life. This week though Joe took to the field, taking students on a walking tree tour of their campus and surrounding neighborhoods to learn how to identify local tree species. Below are students’ reflections on their time with Dr. McBride.

“On December 14th, 2015 in our Urban Forestry meeting a high level professor, Dr Mcbride, came in and took use on a tree walk in Richmond’s streets to identify trees. Two things we did was identify if the tree was conifer, broadleaf, or palm and identified it’s key characteristics. One thing I learned was how to identify a tree using key characteristics. Some of the trees we identified around our neighborhood were Mulberry, Sweetgum, Strawberry tree, Chinese Elm, and more. One thing I’ll always remember is the taste of the “fruit” on the strawberry tree!”- Fabiola Guerrero

“My experience with Dr. Joe McBride was really interesting. Tracking down our trees and using their leaves as a part of our group activity was new to me. It a very clever way to learn our tree names, our group activity was also lots of fun. I learn which trees grow which leaves which is going to help me at future events. One take away was the generosity Dr. Joe McBride had for us. He brought us chocolate covered raisins!” – Luis Gonzalez¬†


“On Monday the 14th of December, we had a guest speaker come to our group & teach. Our guest speaker was Dr. Joe McBride and he helped teach us to identify trees by their characteristics. One thing I did was play a card game which helped me remember these trees through their leaves. A thing that I learned was that there are different types of palm trees. I am excited to use this new skill of tree identifying elsewhere.”- Edwin Hernandez


EarthTeam Interns’ First Solo Planting!

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This Saturday EarthTeam interns had their first solo planting. These young leaders designed the green spaces and selected the tree species for the city. Once the city approved their plans they set out to make them a reality- planting six trees in total to increase the tree density in the city of San Pablo. Below are some student reflection on our Saturday together:

“On December 13th we planted six trees, three on 14th and Broadway and three on 17th and Broadway. This was a big project for me because it was the first time planting trees and seeing the before and after which was very satisfying at the end. I had fun digging the holes for the trees and working with my group because everyone was excited to participate and work. I learned how to use the stake pounder even though it was difficult to reach but I managed and my group was proud. One main obstacle was seeing the other team mates struggle with the bedrock. I am really excited for the next event and in the future will tell my kids ‘I did this'”- Diana Rodriguez

“This past Saturday on December 12th, my group and I planted on 14th and Broadway as well as 17th and Broadway. On 14th and Broadway we planted 3 trees and on 17th and Broadway we also planted 3 trees. One thing I did was hammer the nails onto the crossbows and dug the hole with my group. One thing I learned was how to plant trees the right way and staking. An obstacle my team and I faced was bedrock, it really slowed us down. I am happy we were able to still finish and plant all the 6 trees. One thing I will always remember and take with me is that with teamwork and love for the environment we were able to plant all the trees and acknowledge the beauty of the trees on our sites. I am excited to keep planting trees and learning more about them”- Itzel Gonzalez

“On December 12th, 2015 we went out to 14th, 17th and Broadway. We planted 6 trees and staked. One thing I learned was how to tie arbor ties on the three major crotches of the tree. An obstacle that we had was on 14th and Broadway we had to dig through bedrock. I am excited to see how the trees turn out over the years”- Joanna Gudino¬†