EarthTeam Interns to Bring Demonstration Forest to Their Community

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EarthTeam interns at Richmond High School start 2016 with their most ambitious project of the school year. Students have decided to design and plant a demonstration forest at Wanless Park. Our young leaders are working hard to not only design the area but plan a community planting day for their city. Here are some student perspectives of their project:

“Wanless Park is a demonstration forest that Urban Forestry decided to design and plant on the site, assisted with other volunteers. The over all plan for Wanless Park is to make it into a demonstration forest and plant about 20 to 25 trees. My group is in charge of the design of the park and where everything will go. The most exciting thing about our plans is that we got to design how it will look and both our plans are amazing. My personal contribution to the plan was drawing the plans as well as helping where and what trees will be used. Also decided how the paths would go. Our over all project at Wanless park will benefit out community by cleaning the air, having a space to feel happy and relax, and attract wildlife.”- Itzel Gonzalez

“Wanless Park is a new park located in San Pablo. The over all plan Wanless Park is to transform it into a new spot for anyone to enjoy. My group is in charge of educating the neighborhood on urban forestry by knocking on residents doors and offering them a tree for their home. What I think is cool about this plan is that I get to step out my comfort  zone and communicate with others living in my city. My personal contribution was making flyers for people to read on who we are, what we are up to as interns, and what we would like for this community. Our over all project will make the city of San Pablo  a much more positive environment for people to enjoy for many many years.”- Fernanda Martinez

“Wanless Park is a community park in which we’re currently planning for our future field day. The plan for this park is so that we would mimic a forest in which we could demonstrate how a forest would look life. So far my team is working on a presentation in which we would present to the city of San Pablo. The plan is working out fine, we are making the presentation flashy with professionalism. By the end of this project we are going to show our community how well we can work together in order to show how it will help our environment”- Brian Alvarez

“Wanless park is the area we are currently working on. We as a group plan to create a demonstration forest to show the benefits of urban forestry. My group that I am in is in charge of informational sign design. The whole designing and seeing our design see the light of day is cool. I’m in the engineering academy, so I know a thing or two about designing. It’s going to improve the community socially and most importantly the air quality and wildlife”- Enrique Alegria



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