Richmond Earth Team

Urban Forestry Interns Plant an Earth Team Record of 26 Trees at an Event!

A Waldorf teacher (left) and Earth Team Interns (right) applying ties to secure the tree to the adjacent stakes.

On Saturday, December 3rd 2016, the Urban Forestry Interns at Richmond High School worked with volunteers and teachers at East Bay Waldorf to plant 26 trees on the Waldorf school campus. The event succeeded in breaking the record amount of trees planted in one day at an Earth Team tree planting event. (The previous record was 20 trees, which was set by last year’s interns in May 2016 at Wanlass Park in San Pablo, CA.)

This was the 3rd Urban Forestry tree planting event this year, and as tree planting experts, the interns led groups of volunteers to correctly plant trees.

Along with planting the most trees, the event included the greatest diversity of tree species. Please see below for a complete list.

4 – Quercus suber
2 – Quercus lobata
1 – Quercus douglasii
2 – Acer macrophyllum
1 – Lagerstroemia ‘Muskogee’
2 – Olea europea
5 – Arbutus ‘Marina’
3 – Pinus canariensis
4 – Nyssa sylvatica
1 – Pistacia chinensis
1 – Ginkgo biloba

“There were so many roots in my first tree I ever tired to plant.” – Carina C.

“The most memorable moment from the tree plant was working with the student’s parents.” – Jessica C.

“A total of 5 trees. This is the most I planted in a single day.” – Kevin H.