Richmond Earth Team

Interns participate in a Climate Cruise!


*Student Blog*

On September 9th, 2017, Richmond High repeaters kicked off the 2017-2018 school year with a Climate Action Cruise in the San Francisco Bay. We departed on a Sailing Research Vessel that was constructed to aid in providing solutions for our changing climate and to promote the awareness and conservation of our oceans to the current and future generations.

Our team jumped aboard and learned about the effects of climate change on our oceans while simultaneously gliding over the beautiful bay. We participated in a variety of activities like fishing for plankton, testing water quality, setting up the sail and more!

In addition, we participated in interviews where we were asked questions related to how climate change directly effects us as youth and what solutions we think will work best.

 Our favorite parts of the cruise included connecting with educators, using scientific tools, and getting the chance to enjoy a boat ride (some of us for the very first time!).

Interacting with adults who showed an interest in teaching us and what they were studying was a great eye-opener to the world that we are entering as young adults.

Special thanks to all that made this day possible for our youth!