Richmond Earth Team

Interns plant their first trees @ Wanlass Park


On October 21, RHS interns participated in their first tree planting event of the school year. This tree planting project at Wanlass Park in San Pablo is Richmond High’s main project of the year and is funded by RELEAF and supported by the City of San Pablo. The purpose of this project is to create an educational urban forest where the surrounding community can come enjoy nature and learn about trees and the benefits of urban forestry. The project is designed specifically to give disadvantaged communities access to green spaces in addition to accessing the environmental benefits of trees.

Last school year, RHS interns managed to plant 42 trees. This year, the group is on track to plant at least another 60! The plans for the park include a variety of species: coast live oak, blue oak, western redbud, saucer & southern magnolias, incense cedar, gingko, bay laurel, and red maple.

For this first planting, interns focused on getting some blue oaks into the ground. Because many of the interns had never planted a tree before, we invited an experienced landscaper to come give a tree planting demonstration. Mae Clark of Plenty Landscapes volunteered her time to show the interns proper tree planting procedure and helped us get our first tree in the ground successfully! Interns learned about many important details of tree planting, including what shape and size to make the hole, how deep the tree should be planted, and how to stake and tie the tree once planted. Earth Team owes a big thank you to Mae!

After a few hours of hard work, the group was able to plant 6 trees total for the day. The ground was extremely hard and dry, so digging holes took up a good portion of the time. Interns learned that planting trees is hard work but also very rewarding! We are looking forward to many more days working with our trees!