Leading A Tree Planting At Wanlass Park


After getting a first taste of all the hard work that goes into tree planting  in October, Richmond High interns stepped up to be leaders at Wanlass for their November tree planting event. Over 20 volunteers showed up, including Alhambra High School’s Earth Team interns and several students from U.C. Berkeley. Although the number of attendees was daunting, the team did a great job of instructing the volunteers and providing support throughout the day.

Our interns kicked off the event with an icebreaker: the human knot! After this fun and close quarters activity, the team instructed the group on proper tree planting procedure. Each person had a different task to cover, from how to dig a hole to the proper way to stake a tree. After they finished planting an example tree, the volunteers were split into several groups and assigned a planting site and tree.

Throughout the day, Richmond High interns did an amazing job walking among the volunteer groups and answering questions, checking work, and providing any needed assistance. They thoroughly enjoyed the chance to work with other Earth Team interns and the college students.


By the end of the day, the volunteers had managed to plant a total of 11 trees! It was a hard day of work complemented by laughter and new connections; and as always, the day was finished off by loads of PIZZA! We hope to use this day as a practice run for a larger community event in the spring: stay tuned!




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