Richmond Earth Team

Build, Create, & Restore @ Redwood Regional Park

Ephemeral art (n.) : art which lasts only a short period of time

What is ephemeral art? How can art and nature bring people together? Where can you find art in nature?

These questions were explored at Build, Create, & Restore, a recent event in Redwood Regional Park hosted by Zach Pine, environmental artist, and the East Bay Regional Parks District. All 14 Richmond High Earth Team had the chance to attend this event and they had a great time! The day was centered around the “Create-With-Nature Pathway”, which is a section of trail at Redwood Regional Park where the public can partake in making art with nature.

The entrance sign to the Create-With-Nature Pathway.

Along the sides of the pathway are areas partitioned off by logs for people to create art in. The purpose is not to create lasting works, but rather “ephemeral”, or short-lived, art. Not only does this allow people to show their creativity and enjoy the beauty of the redwood forest, but it also brings people together and can be a therapeutic activity.

The first part of the day was spent restoring the pathway. The pathways are lined with logs, and these logs eventually rot away to the point that they should be replaced. The students were mixed together with other community members attending the event and split into teams. The teams worked to find the right sized fresh logs to replace the old ones; some were so large that a special tool was needed to carry them. Shallow dips were dug in the ground so that the logs could fit snugly along the path.

Log being carried to its new home on the path.

After restoring the pathway’s borders and eating a quick lunch, Zach invited the group to try their hand at creating some of their own pieces of art. Most people worked in small groups to create whatever came to mind. To wrap up the experience, everyone in attendance worked on a few projects together, culminating in a bird’s nest, a multi-room log cabin, and a free-form piece with no concrete subject. The Richmond High interns were happy to do something a bit different than the norm and had a ton of fun! Here are what one intern had to say about the experience:


I really liked our outing to redwood Regional Park on Saturday. I had never been there before and I thought it was really pretty. I liked being able to interact with other people in a setting where technology isn’t a distraction. It was nice to just get to appreciate the nature and people around us. I also liked the art making because it was a judgement free zone where we could create something without it having to mean anything or even be good So it was very interesting getting to create art and music with others.

-Valeria Rocha, Richmond High intern

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