When Projects Become a Reality!


EarthTeam’s Urban Forestry Intern’s projects are coming to life in the city of San Pablo this semester. After weeks of research at two separate siteS off campus these students collected data on wind velocity, soil quality, sun exposure, site uses and mapping. Our interns then created Forestry plans for the sites and submitted them to the city for approval. Students decided where, how many trees and what species would best fit the two green spaces not too far from campus. The city of San Pablo has approved the  the intern’s plans! Now it’s time to make those ideas a reality. Recently students went to their sites to stake and 811 their tree locations. Energies were high this week as students learned that they will soon be transforming these locations for their community. Next step? Our first student-led planting on December 6th to put our trees in the ground.


Richmond High Student’s Rights to an Urban Forest

On November 2, 2015 Urban Forestry students gathered on a rainy day to reflect on all the benefits that trees provide our communities. These young leaders reflected on how it is our right as members of our community to have clean air, shade to sit under and aesthetic beauty where we live. Students together created an “Urban Forestry Bill of Rights” for their campus, using their voice to represent the whole campus and advocate for their project. Here is our final list!

bill of rights photo 2

Richmond High Urban Forestry Bill of Rights

  1. The Right to Interact with Nature Among the Concrete: Richmond High students have the right to have more green space to hang out around during school for our mental health and well being.
  2.  The Right to Good Representation of our Community:  Richmond High students have the right to plant more trees so it could have a better representation and reputation for the school.
  3. The Right to Aesthetic Beauty: Richmond High students have the right to look at pretty trees to improve their mind set.
  4. The Right to Feel Safe Outdoors: Richmond High students have the right to enjoy the outdoors.
  5. The Right to Shaded Areas: Richmond High students have the right to enjoy shade after school while waiting for a ride.
  6. The Right to Less Concrete on Campus: Richmond High students have the right to have more trees outside for lunchtime.