Dr. Joe McBride Visits Richmond Urban Forestry Internship Meeting

Tree Lecture Richmond CA
Dr. Joe McBride provides Interns with introduction to the topic of urban forestry.

On Tuesday, October 11th, Dr. Joe McBride, UC Berkeley Forestry Professor, treated the Richmond High School Urban Forestry Internship to an introductory lecture to urban forestry.

Students learned a broad range of information: from the benefits of trees in cities to paths in higher education related to urban forestry. Some of the most surprising facts were about how trees reduce air pollution. In Richmond where communities have statistically higher rates of asthma than the average in California, clean air is a topic of great interest for students.

A graphic from Professor McBride illustrates trees ability to remove air pollution (particulate matter) from the air.

A big thanks to Professor McBride! Next, the interns will be focusing on identifying trees in their community. Stay tuned for student tree sketches!



Richmond High Interns Plant Community Fruit Tree Orchard


On Saturday, October 8th, EarthTeam hosted an event to plant trees with the Richmond High School Interns. The Urban Forestry Interns were joined  by a few Air Quality Interns to create a community fruit tree orchard at Atchison Village in Richmond, CA.

Fruit trees can be a strategic approach to helping a community improve their access to healthy food. The Interns planted apple, plum, and pomegranate trees for a total of nine trees.

“Our planting provides fruit to the community.”Litzi V., Kimberly P., and Dashi R.


During the event, the interns learned how to properly plant a tree according to the standardized planting methods, which are laid out by the International Society of Arboriculture.

“I think digging is pretty fun after the event because it was hard work that you feel great about so you learn to appreciate it all more.” Jovany V. and Jose H.

“I learned how to plant trees and how difficult or easy it can be at the same time… At first we though it was going to be easy, but we had difficulties with the soil.”Brandi H. and Jessica C.

Atchison Village site before the tree planting event
Atchison Village site after the tree planting event

This was EarthTeam’s first tree planting event of the year and we look forward to planting many more trees by June 2017.

“I’m more appreciative of new trees planted in the community because I understand all the work and preparation done for one tree.”Esmeralda R. and Anthony S.


Richmond High School Interns Get Ready to Plant Some Trees

Interns practiced safe tree staking techniques outside of their school during an internship meeting.

The Richmond High School Urban Forestry Interns practiced planting trees this week in anticipation for their first tree planting event this weekend. In the front of their school, the students learned the proper International Society of Arboriculture methods for planting and staking trees. They practiced by readjusting some old stakes on trees that last year’s interns planted.

On Saturday, October 8th, the Interns will participate in planting nine fruit trees for a community in Richmond.

The 2016-2017 Richmond High School Forestry Internship has launched!


This week the Urban Forestry Interns dove into a general overview of the importance of trees in cities. The learned and discussed the benefits that trees provide; including,

Adding Shade
Increaing Beauty
Improving Air Quality
Capturing Storm Water
Aiding Local Economies
Helping Human Psychological Well-Being

The Interns also got an intro to tree biology and names. They also began to learn how to identify trees in their community. Next week the students will begin learning about planting trees.

Interns learned the importance of the shade that trees provide in their city.